Designing Nature's Half: The Landscape Conservation Podcast

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Rob Campellone and Tom Miewald

03 April 2024

55m 11s

Collaboration and Co-production: Key Elements of the Midwest Conservation Blueprint



Key Topics Explored:

  • The goals and collaborative nature of the Midwest Landscape Initiative (MLI).
  • How MLI bridges gaps across various stakeholders - moving beyond traditional terminology towards more inclusive community-building language.

The Role of Technology & Data:

  • This is an introduction to the 'Midwest Conservation Blueprint,' an essential basemap aiding regional priority-setting for land and water conservation efforts.
  • A discussion on how data-driven approaches inform iterative updates to these blueprints, incorporating public feedback and expert insights.

Success Stories & Practical Insights:

  •       Strategies employed by MLI, including rapid prototyping processes ensuring annual improvements based on user engagement and scientific advancements.